Making blueberry or blackberry jam is also easy.  Generally, using some red or not quite ripe berries will give you the best jam, as it will add a tang that is not found with store bought fruit, but is easily obtainable from U Pick farms.   Directions and pictures for making jam are on the website, and there is a low sugar recipe below--just click on "Jam".  Buy the pectin (a fruit based product) at a local grocery store.  Pectin gives the jam or jelly have a firm set.  There is the regular pectin and low or no sugar pectin for those who desire this type of jam or jelly.  Follow the recipe on the pectin package that you select.  If you want to remove seeds from blackberry jam, you will need a Foley Food Mill, Oxo food mill or similar product, available via search engines,, or food equipment stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, for about $25.00 to $50.00.