Check out the newest pictures of the blossoms under the picture tab.  The Emeralds, a variety of blueberry plant developed by the University of Florida, are in full bloom now.  The blooms are in large clusters for the most part, and hopefully each bloom will make a blueberry!  The other varieties, while budding very nicely, thank you, are a week or so behind the Emeralds. 

The blackberries are still asleep in their winter dormancy, and not expected to bloom until March.  The buds have formed on the branches, but are still very tight--normal for this time of year.   Cold weather, that is cold below 45 degrees, encourages good bloom set on blackberries as well as blueberries.   If we have freezing temperatures now, we will have to protect the blueberry fruit by taking frost protection measures.  The blackberries will need no protection from the cold, as they bloom after the time for frost is past.