Blueberry Season 2017

March 9, 2017
The blueberries are expect to be ripe around the end of March.  Looking forward to a great season!  For updates on the openings, go to the Blueyouth Facebook at and click on "follow" at the top of the page.  Or, give us your email address on the home page of this website!

Blueberry Season

February 3, 2016

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March 15, 2015
It looks like the blueberries will be ready for picking around the end of March!  The weather is in total control--see you soon!
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Coming Soon

March 29, 2014
This area of the website will be updated as the blueberry season starts and will continue through blackberry season.

We appreciate your continued support!  Please don't forget to sign up for our email updates.
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