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How To Prepare For Your Piano Exams In Singapore – 4 Tips!

One of the key things you want to do to prepare for your piano exams in Singapore is to practise without using the pedals because you want to make sure that your fingers are really connected well. This is especially the case for legato songs.

Singaporean music students are also generally weak at the aural segment. Here are some tips to improve your piano aural exam results for Singaporean students.

Another great way to practise and prepare for your piano exams is to practise mentally and away from your piano. When you can conceptualise the sound and the fingering without even moving your fingers nor looking at the scores, this means that you are extremely familiar with the scores, which is a great thing.

Another important tip to prepare for your piano exams is to play for your friends or relatives in a setting that is comfortable but is formal.

You also want to be mentally prepared and know that some examiners will be harsh because they are doing their job. From their point of view, they may be feeling cold or hungry and just want to go home or go for lunch. Therefore, you sometimes see some of them being grumpy. Do note that an examiner’s smiling or sulking has nothing to do with the scores you are going to get during your piano exams. I have been through exams where the examiner was sulking the whole time and I scored a distinction. On the other hand, I have been through piano tests where the examiner was smiling and complimenting me and I barely passed.

Anyway, for more tips, please refer to the video below on preparing for a piano exam in Singapore!